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Online ordering with payment gateway

(i.e. Paypal, Authorize, Verisign, etc.):

Bobby's Wine Shop

The Painted Penguin

David Koenig Poetry

Professional Coaching Publications

40 Something T-shirts

Dobby's Liquors

Online ordering systems

(online order placement, no payment gateway):

Wisdom Adhesives

Pantheon Wine

Great American Events

Non-Profit web builds:

7-Eleven Franchise Owners Assoc.

Ground Hog Club of Chicago

VNA Foundation

Haitian Congress PAC

The Executives Guild

Living Hope of Calvary

Technology for Humanity

Recent SEO:

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Mayster and Chaimson Law

National Realty Network

Forde Windows & Remodeling, Inc.

General web builds:

Cutting Tool Engineering Plus

Metroplex, Inc.

Danaco Solutions

Lindner & Lindner, Ltd. Law

Priority Systems, Inc.

Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond, Ltd.

Superior Optical

Johanson Painting


Eckhart Kolak, LLC

Scuba Systems

Pieces of the Heart

Nevin Labs

Karzen Restoration

Leslie M. Stern Design

Kaotic Customs

Flash sites/projects:

Craftsman Custom Metals

Priority Systems, Inc.

ACCO- Swingline

Cafe Lucci- New Year

Blackhawk Pump animation

ManagePro & MPro-Link

iBart- Cash Back Rewards

Painted Penguin Logo Animation

In beta:

(these are ongoing work product and, as such, contain code/design that is in process):


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